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KTL Communications provides professional translation services to fit your specific translation needs. We offer free document analysis, language identification, quote and consultation. We build our trust by connecting the clients with our linguists whenever needed. We work with teams of linguists both in-house and around the world and cover more than 150 languages. In order to succeed in providing accurate translations, KTL has implemented a strict criteria for translators selection.



All document formats are supported. Click the link below to see the list.


Supported Documents

About our translators:

KTL aspires to deliver services quickly with a fast delivery schedule. Our high standards of translation accuracy, expertise, fast processing times, and a true client-centered approach is what sets KTL above its competitors. Our strength lies in our translators and we take immense care in their selection. We ensure that our translators are:


  • Highly qualified and translate only into their native language.

  • Expert in their subject matter.

  • Present two references for previous projects.

  • Member of a professional language body (ATA, OFLA, NAATI etc).


We have a strong database of US based linguists and language teachers.

Document Translation

KTL Translation services has gained an industry wide reputation as being one of the fastest, most accurate and cost effective document translation vendor around. Translation can be supplied in the easiest form for you: by email, postal mail, and our client portal. We can translate any kind of document including but not limited to:


  • Any Legal Document (See Legal Translation)

  • Educational Documents (Diplomas, Certificates, Letters, Applications)

  • Business Documents

  • Marketing Documents

  • Technical Documents

  • General Documents

  • ID Cards


Proofreading and Editing Services

Whether your translation is destined for the public domain or for submission to court or doctor, proofreading is an essential process, in order to ensure that your translation is error-free. Our native linguists have a skillful eye and excellent language knowledge to spot and correct mistakes and energize your text.

Certified Translation

Here at KTL, we take care of the translation and certification of official documents such as birth documents, marriage documents, or academic certificates. Notary and Solicitor on hand allow us to provide fast and efficent authentication at affordable prices.

Medical Translation

The translation of technical, regulatory, or clinical documentation for the medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical fields – requires specific training and subject matter knowledge. To ensure that the translated text reflects the same meanings and definitions of the source text, we consult with medical doctors in parallel with the translation process.

The medical documents we translate include:

  • Medical equipment and apparatus guide books,

  • User manual,

  • Consultation reports

  • Patient applications,

  • Medical Reports,

  • Patient rights

  • Conditions of admission

  • Prescriptions

  • Inspection reports,

  • Insurance reports,

  • Medical declaration forms

  • Discharge summaries

  • Medical literature and papers etc

  • Study results

  • Treatment plans

  • Laboratory test results

Translation Memory

A translation memory is a linguistic database that continually captures your translations as you work for future use. KTL Communications manages TM data from the best selection of proven translation memory solutions (Computer Assisted Translation tools) based on client requirements. SDL Trados is one of the tools we use to ensure consistency and quality within translations for customer satisfaction.



To find out more about our range of translation services, including legal translations, medical translations and businessl translation services, complete an online enquiry form or contact us on 703 662 0465 or 813 409 7450

Website Translation

We understand that website is the most important medium of getting your products and contents live in international markets. Our localization experts handle all type of website translation and localization projects. We translate all the contents of your website per your satisfactions. See our Localization page for web localization services.

Technical Translation

When looking to have a technical document, manual or website translated it is vital to hire an experienced, professional translation agency like KTL Communications. Our established reputation is based on strategic and long standing support provided to some of the most complicated project types and market requirements.

Our clients come back to us because of our care and attention to detail: our clear communication and our passion which ensure the best translation service possible.


Contact us now to discuss your translation needs.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of the fastest paced market types requiring accurate translation completed in a quick turnaround.We provide legal translation and interpreting services for law firms, court services, department of justice, global companies, as well as other government agencies. We also represent private clients.

The legal documents we translate include:

  • Articles of Association

  • Indictments, rulings, resolutions

  • Complaints

  • Claims

  • Forensic reports

  • Contracts, agreements, conventions, undertakings

  • Birth/ Death/Marriage/Divorce

  • Certificates

  • Trademarks

  • Patents

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Rules & Regulations

  • Registration of Partnerships

  • Affidavits

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Tender Letters

  • Purchase or Sale Agreement


Commercial Document Translation

Our translation services team ensures your message is understood. We help companies of all sizes access opportunities in markets all over the globe by offering a tailored approach with a range of language translation services at the right time to support their communication strategy.


  • Product guide books,

  • Tender documents,

  • Marketing and Publicity materials,

  • Brochures,

  • Advertisements,

  • Business contracts,

  • Press conference documents

  • Business Meeting Documents

Business Translation

We provide quality translations for the business sector covering a wide range of SMEs and larger companies. We have experience translating a broad range of general business material in more than 150 languages. Our professionals will translate all your important documents with the required expertise. You can trust us to provide the service you need. Some of the business documents that we translate include but not limited to:


  • HR Documents: HR policies, job descriptions, training presentations

  • Office documentation: internal procedures, codes of conduct

  • IT Documents: documentation & specifications of all types

  • Product literature: labels, packaging, instructions, descriptions, user guides


Download our QA brochure to see how we provide high-quality translation and localization services.

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