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KTL centralize all the client translation projects process and workflow in one place to ensure that our translations services stays in a real time assessment and high quality for the client. Our workflow process is sustained as per our client needs and requirements. KTL workflow process consists of: Project manager-Native translators-Proof readers- Quality Assurance- Final reviewers.

6 Phase Translation Process

Every project deserves an individualized approach because no two clients are alike.  That’s why we always personalize a course of action, including translator selection, to the specific requirements of your project.  We work with you throughout the translation process to ensure your complete satisfaction. The documents undergo 6 phases of project management and our process begins with cultural analysis of the content and ends on the final quality check before delivery to the client.  

Phase 1:   Analyzing the Project

We Gather project requirements

Confirm client goals & check original Documents

Delivery requirements and Deadlines

Other related documents are collected


Phase 2: Planning the Project

Check the Files for Translation

Unite resources

Create the project schedule

Finalize the translation team


Phase 3:  Management the Project

Translation is conducted

Memory is created

All related tasks are completed


Phase 4: Reviewing the Project

Linguistic review and initial quality checks

Reviewer comments are evaluated 

Any necessary update is applied


Phase 5: Quality Checking of the Project

Thorough Quality Check

Client assess the Quality

Final changes are applied


Phase 6: Delivering the Project

Final checks are done

Final Linguistic review

Certificate of Accuracy is prepared and signed

Project is delivered

Customer satisfaction survey



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