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General Transcription

In this modern world there is a greater need for transcription. Every industry today requires Transcription Services, can be of great importance when it comes to data storage.Providing accurate transcription service, fast turnaround, and outstanding customer service is our only priority. When you outsource your transcriptions, you need a company that provides flawless transcriptions with a fast turnaround.


What Languages do we transcribe?We transcribe in 150 languages including the following critical languages:

Arabic Transcription

Azerbaijani Transcription

Bangla Transcription

Chinese Transcription

Dari Transcription

Hindi Transcription

Indonesian Transcription

Japanese Transcription

Korean Transcription

Pashto Transcription

Persian Transcription

Punjabi Transcription

Russian Transcription

Somali Transcription

Turkish Transcription

Urdu Transcription

How Do I Get Started?

We work with hundreds of clients around the US. Whether it is a Pashto video file or a Somali or Hindi audio cassette that requires transcription, we provide you a secure portal to upload your files and include the following information:


  • Your Firm contact information

  • Information about what would you like to transcribe.

  • Turnaround time

  • Any supporting information


The recordings are transferred to KTL through a secure link (Box Sync) between our server and client’s server, or can be uploaded directly onto our secured web based portal. Whichever method you chose, the dictations are encrypted through the transcription process, giving you peace of mind that your data will be secure.

Style and Format of Transcript


CLICK HERE to view a sample transcript. For details on the styles and formats that we use in our transcripts including inaudible words, superfluous words, grammar errors etc. call us at 703 662 0465. We customize our styles and formats to fit your needs.


If your recording is in a format such as CD, DVD, audiotape (including microcassette or reel to reel) or videotape, and cannot be uploaded to our server, just send us via regular mail and include our CLIENT FORM.

Desktop Publishing


Translating and localizing content is only one part of delivering a go-to-market product. Desktop publishing is another important part of our document translation process. It puts the polish on your materials, making sure they get the attention they deserve. Our years of experience have allowed us to handle all language types with ease and efficiency, even tougher language styles like Cyrillic (Greek, Russian), double-byte (Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Traditional), and right to left (Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Pashto). We offer desktop publishing in all major publishing applications, including Microsoft Office, Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress.


For more information about our desktop publishing services, call or email us.

Medical Transcription

At KTL, we understand that the medical profession has its own unique language that requires specialized training to fully understand. Our medical transcription company has the capacity to take on any medical transcription job, no matter how big or small. For a FREE no obligation price quote on our medical transcription services, please contact us at 703 662 0465:

Legal Transcription

Transcription for Legal professionals requires the strictest attention to detail, since a word misplaced can make a vital difference. Our transcription services are offered to legal practitioners of any size. KTL Communications provides high quality Legal Transcription service at affordable Price. Whether you are a Paralegal or an Attorney, KTL Communications is a one stop transcription agency that makes things easy, quick and cost effective for you.

Audio and Video Transcription


Video transcription is the conversion of all kinds of video recordings (movies, documentaries, TV Ads, etc.) into text to produce a written transcript of the media content. We have transcribed tens of movies, commercials, documentaries for different clients around the world. Transcription for your outsourced entertainment transcription work can have a considerable number of benefits.

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