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We Translate to help you communicate



KTL Communications provides a full array of language services using the most accomplished language professionals in the industry. We have a decade's worth of experience in providing high-quality professional translation services. We are growing from our humble beginning to become a leading translation business in USA. All our services are provided with the aim to help you achieve your business goals. 
We have extensive and unique experience of providing language services in more than 150 languages. We specialize in large scale technically advance projects with tight deadlines.


Customer care and a quality service are the foundations of our business. To make sure you get exactly what you require at the best price, we have a number of language services.



When information needs to be presented to people of different cultures, it's necessary to have and accurate and clear translation that will convey the message effectively. Explore the range of services we provide.



Our goal is simple: to help your end users get maximum benefit from your product or services in any language, culture or medium. Find out about our complete localization solutions to help you succeed in the global market.


Transcription Services

Transcription is the conversion of spoken words into writing. We can guarantee your message and meaning will be transformed with absolute clarity. We provide transcription services in 150 languages.


Desktop Publishing

We will work within your established methodologies and publishing applications in order to produce target language document translation that closely matches the format specifications of your source files.



We have a large database of qualified interpreters to meet your interpretation needs. Require an interpreter in Krakow the next day? Or need a Somali interpreter for your conference, Or an Urdu interpreter in Islamabad for emergency meeting? Find out how our company can help you.


Language Books Publications

Our unique initiative to help the language learners with correct phonetics. We are in the process of publishing a range of language dictionaries to meet your language learning requirements. Explore how we can help you to design a language learning book that meet your needs.


Language Tutoring Services

We have gathered highly qualified language teachers/tutors in the DC area. Our tutors are available for home tutoring as well as at our center or any location that is convenient for both the parties. Currently we are serving Virginia, DC and Maryland and planning to expand to other locations. Below is a list of languages for which are offer tutoring. Go to our Tutoring Services page for more information and how to book.



Arabic Tutoring


Dari Tutoring


Farsi Tutoring


Hindi Tutoring


Indonesian Tutoring


Pashto Tutoring


Polish Tutoring


Somali Tutoring


Spanish Tutoring


Urdu Tutoring


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